Alford House Capital Appeal

"to provide the youth with stability where there is none" (member)

"to allow children to socialise with other children and do things they enjoy" (member)

A new perspective for 2012 and beyond

Alford House "Yesterday..."

Alford House Youth Club has been located in its current premises on Aveline Street in Kennington since the end of the Second World War. For a little over 60 years, the building and its facilities have seen several thousand children and young people walk through its doors to access the facilities and activities the club has continuously provided since its inception in 1884.

Our vision today is to provide much-needed redevelopment to the facilities to continue to play a key part in the welfare of young people in one of the most-deprived boroughs of London.

Alford House old brochure

This redevelopment will enable the Club not only to work with more young people through a wider range of activities, but will also underpin its sustainability by increasing its capacity to earn income used to continue to provide services for young people. In order to address these issues and make better provision for young people, we urgently need to improve the physical environment and the facilities we offer. Our premises were last fully renovated in 1950 and today the roofs, ceilings, floors, electrics and heating installations are in need of urgent renewal. By improving the facilities to an adequate level that modern youth-work requires, the Club will be able to engage fully and effectively with young people.

Alford House Capital Appeal developmentWe have already made a start on the Capital Appeal with the recent successful development of the fitness suite, which is proving to be very popular with young people who are using it for personal development and to gain qualifications in volunteering, coaching and personal training. Our next step in the Capital Appeal is to undertake a complete redevelopment of the premises through major renovations to the existing structures and new building.

In particular, the Capital Appeal will provide:

  • A new multi-purpose indoors-sports hall
  • Disabled access
  • Education resources through a training room for classes
  • An arts and crafts studio
  • An informal indoor games area
  • Access for external groups, the local community, training and conference facilities
  • One-to-one information/counselling accommodation
  • An internet cafe and social accommodation
  • Rehearsal studios and office suites for rent
Proposed improvements to Alford House

Through these new facilities, we will be able to increase our opening hours from 27 to 54 per week and increase our capacity to offer young people a safe place from which to learn, grow and achieve their potential. we will be able to support better engagement with hard-to-reach, disaffected young people and improve provision for those not in education, training or employment.

We need your help today to make a difference to the lives of the current users and future generations that will continue to use the facilities, resources and time of the staff and volunteers.

Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a difference to the work we undertake and ultimately the young people for whom it is for. You may wish to make an online donation.

Alternatively you might be able to leverage support from your work colleagues or organisation. Please do get in touch with us today to discuss how you might be able to help us reach our goal.

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