Youth Club

Alford House is open to all young people aged 8-21 and offers a variety of sports, games, creative and recreational activities such as art, music production, and vocational training, in a safe and secure environment that is managed by our dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Day Time Facility Age
Monday 5-8pm Health & Fitness Studio 11-21 years (F & M)
Music Production Studio
6.30-8pm Table Tennis Coaching 11-19 years
Tuesday 11am-5pm Youth Support 11-19 years
2- 6pm Health & Fitness Studio 11-21 (F & M)
6.15-9.15pm Boys Youth Club 8-18 years (M)
Wednesday 6.15-9pm Girls Youth Club Night 8-18 years (F)
Thursday 11- 7pm Youth Support 8-19 (F & M)
12-5.30pm Health & Fitness Studio 12-19 years (F & M)
Friday 11am-2pm Youth Support  
7-10pm Youth Club 10-21 years (M & F)
Saturday & Sunday See notice-boards for off-site activity & events

Alford House recognises its responsibilities, not only to young people but also to parents, carers and the wider community. Alford House is registered with Lambeth's Children's and Young People's Service and is affiliated to London Youth, UK Youth and Ambition (formally the National Association of Clubs for Young People). The Club follows a recognised Quality Assurance System and its workers, including volunteers, receive a DBS Check. Parents and carers are always welcome to visit and talk to club workers.

Youth Support

Alford House is the base for Patrick Davis, our youth support worker.

You can contact Patrick at the Club
on 020 7735 1519
or email

Patrciky works with young people aged 13 to 19 years, or up to the age of 25 if they have a learning difficulty and/or a disability. He provides information, advice and guidance to support young people to achieve their potential in education and help to prevent exclusion. He also provides support with other issues that may stop young people achieving their goals.